by MR:B

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The year is 2237.

fuck yea


released December 1, 2014

special thanks to OSEW and DAISY CUTTA

love to you all.
if you are even reading this you are special to me and I am honored to have shared my music with you.



all rights reserved


MR:B Ann Arbor, Michigan

i rap and produce too

circa 97'

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Track Name: Excuse Me (prod. by Daisy Cutta)
lost interests in my virtues
trust is my vacuum

close to touch love when you cant breathe
call me when when made yourself bleed

psycho analysts prescribing depression
now you got the good drugs, now you wear your makeup

cut and dye your hair to show you are different
who knew the insecurities that lied within it

I bet that you love the attention
I bet it makes you wet

the scars hide deeper than they seem
your honesty reeks of disappointment

over thinking makes it so you cant sleep
so you spend your days caught in a dream

you just wanna be the girl on the screen
perfect, funny, smart, clean

illusions, of grander, confusion when met with reality
so its your yourself that your battling

caught up in a fantasy

and falling for it happily
cant make a difference tween ya stress and your apathy

so don't ask me for help
why don't you hit up your doctor and get dealt

lets pop pills
lets pop, pills
my momma says that I'm alright
Track Name: Ryūketsu (prod. by Jonwayne)
my fingernails drip off, real americana
debt cant be lifted with weights, sleuth casa

russian guns, russian guns,
alleyways with bloodstained, guts out, skullcrush

no love, absent is the sympathy
trauma still banding on the door of my apathy

Supercalifragile mind, dead inside, fellacio on a loaded nine millimeter

Aahh sweet release, fold the.crease, ceace to live
We all boiling in this melting pot
The flames got too big

why be grateful that I got to live
when we only live just to await the sith
im awake in piss
death had the sweetest kiss

now im lost half man half kid
the depths swallowed me to the point of my wrist
no im bleeding and I raise my fist

HEY! its shitty Outside
lets take a ride observe what we find
fiendin for the hit of DMT when I die
go ahead and walk away, ill keep saying Im fine
Track Name: Starving (prod. by Mndsgn)
I got, galaxies in my skin
coup d etat I overthrow and end with a fin

sinnin tan moms in a sixty two corvette
eatin veal in paris Je t'adore marionette

were too negatives reacting like a magnet
the cannabis main ingredient in the penmanship

aint no stupid shit, decadent with intelligence
the lesson is, get that paper the rest is irrelevant

sellin it doesnt come with benefits
im on a bottomfeeder pulse grind itchin for mine

marinate with the rub and then twist it with lime
keepin it raw dirty dusty no fuck boy lines

shit is a sign of the times
take over part two we dividin the lines

so you can snniiiff
melt all of your problems into a pile of shit

roll the splifff
and smoke enough potent youll never want to commit

I am the shit
Mrb muther fucker youll die without this
Track Name: Cherry (prod. Suhnraw)
whats the dealio with being a being
a human thats being mean
on this planet we cant clean
we get high off MSG
Born to be lazy
Kids aint learn they ABCs
Ice cream instead of carrots peas
Well I say please
Bring peace jeez
We need to feed without yeez
Bring that ham and beans work that greese
Until I cease
Or should I say until I gleam
thats the way it seems
Till I unravel at the seams
Tiptoeing leanin on this beam
dont you see
dreams chase after me
i never quit puffing weed
burn so many blunts that I can french in my sleep
askin for me
dont mean you gon get
dont sweat it
I take my advance in full all cash no credit
im the lyrical form of reddit
I said it tredding on whatever shit thats been trendin
lendin a hand to those im guessing im friends with
just to get it bit off trust aint to be mentioned
im sensing, this acid is making me senseless
endless amounts of love
to all those above
the clouds, I aim just as high only with sound
aint no ego trip son my feet still on the ground
down, with the new found feelin
Track Name: Breath (prod. by Ta-Ku)
I remember when my best friend was dying of cancer
lying on the cot he said god was not the answer

I said whatta ya talking about man ya going crazy
he said no listen B I just see things plainly

I never understood it till it took myself to save me
now I'm not dependent on the things it took to raise me

its too bad, cause it took me knowin I was gonna die
but I shined a light on mine, the first time I've felt alive

for so long I've wondered why, my placement wasn't aligned
but now I know that life's a show and I just make it mine

cause..Life is was you make it lets face it
if you really put in what you get out then you wouldn't waste it

so be patient at least I know I'm gonna die
i know I'm not gonna live forever in this short span of time

and now its my, turn to return back to energy
and flow with the universe and all of its majesty

Though I die, I'm Alivex8
i cant be stressed knowing i got breath
as long as theres still time im sure ill be fine

so no matter what you say, make sure youll be okay
i got too much love for you kid and i really hope you can manage

but to you my friend I really gotta hand it
been there by my side, though I die, I'm alive

want you to know i love the kind in your eyes
it was my beam of light when I thought that I was blind

its sad when conscious kicks in, its then you cant find
the core that was the animal, and you start to lose your mind

I sit here with open arms welcoming the above
I mean I hope there is one, if not I cant run

He said as I lay dying please give me a hug
we stayed there embraced and I cried so much

I left and in 2 days I found out that he was gone
I went so see his mother cause she just lost a son

she said he left a note for me, and too it I run
and with his last words to me, he says "thanks for all the fun"

once again though I die im alive
once again though I die im alive
once again though I die im alive
once again though I die im alive